A to Z: N is for Nibblott

Nibblott was/is a small village, similar in scale to Greyhawk’s more famous Hommlett. I think it first appeared in one of my adventures back in 1980 or so… and, since then has been recycled by me and reappeared elsewhere. Nibblott was home of the famous “Stumble Inn” where many player characters met and rested. It is ruled by the infamous Baron Kragy and his even more famous cousin, Ogar Thinwhistle. When Nibblott was in Blackmoor, the above coats of arms were used for some of the towns. From left to right, they were (in order) Temple of the Frog, Vestfold, Glendower, Blackmoor, Svenny, Nibblot and Coot. Nibblot was also in Aldeboran, as witnessed by this early map:

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  1. I'm still trying to hook my players in visiting Nibblot and taking a foray into the Hidden Tunnels.
    They'll just love it….heheh

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