Think of the CHILDREN!

And Tango Makes Three, a children’s book about two male emperor penguins who adopt a penguin chick (based on a true story) is #1 on the list of “most challenged” books for 2010 kept by the American Library Association (also known as the ALA).

The ALA’s “Challenged book list” is made up of all of the books that most frequently prompted people to call, write or visit a library and request that a particular book be removed from the collection. Homosexuality, religious viewpoint and “unsuited to age group” were some of the reasons given for removing “And Tango Makes Three” by those who objected to the book’s presence in libraries.

I haven’t read “And Tango Makes Three” (although ‘read’ may not be the right word since the book is mostly pictures). It apparently tells the story of a pair of male Emperor penguins named Roy and Silo at the Central Park Zoo in N.Y.C. who ‘coupled’ and then adopted and raised a chick which was not being properly cared for by it’s biological (and presumably hetero) penguin parents. I hear that the book is absent any sexual content. For some people, having children get access to a book that describes two male penguins raising a chick is apparently “too much.”

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  1. migellito says:

    Conservatives mount expedition to Antarctica – study ways to defeat penguin agenda.

  2. Maroon says:


    Conservatives mount expedition to Antarctica – “polar bears ate my husband!”

  3. limpey says:

    I grew up in the U.S. Midwest in the 1970s and lots of the guys I remember from Junior High and Highschool were pretty homophobic. Queen was also pretty popular at that time. In retrospect, given all the “I aint no fag!” posturing by the midwestern mullets accompanied by lots of fistpumping to songs like “We are the Champions my friends… and we'll keep on fiiiiiighting till the end…” blaring out of the speakers at the Hockey Stadium, it is hilarious.
    Freddie Mercury was a genius. I just wish I had appreciated him more while he was still alive.

  4. Blair says:

    I like to think that women who die in childbirth are reaping what they sow with their “heterosexual lifestyle”…

  5. limpey says:

    Bree Yark: Freddie Mercury was actually not gay but thanks for coming by for a visit.

  6. limpey says:

    Bree Yark: My 'position' on Freddie Mercury's sexuality is unimportant. “If Freddie had heeded my advice…” (sarcasm)What? You knew him? Oh, if only Freddie had listened to you!(/sarcasm)

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