A to Z: Q is for Quasqueton

Q is for Quasqueton, hideout of Zelligar and Roghan. It has a mushroom garden, lots of containers with random contents, a room of magic pools, some traps and everything else a dungeon needs. One of my early experiences of D&D involved exploring Quasqueton as a player — I still remember how much we hated the magic mouths which would yell threats at us whenever we walked down the front hall, thus usually summoning wandering monsters which would attack us before we got anywhere and forcing us to return to town to replace all of our comrades who had been killed by the wandering monsters.

I completed an illustration a while ago (as of yet still unpublished) where one of the characters in the picture is drawing a map… and guess what dungeon the map resembles?

I can assure you that Quasqueton is jammed in somewhere in Aldeboran (I am not sure exactly where, but it is in there).

I also loved this adventure for the lists of characters in the back witht heir goofy names. For decades I used them as NPCs/hirelings. “Presto the Elf,” “Webberan of the Great North,” “Glom the Mighty,” “Eggo of the Holy Brotherhood” and “Philgo” have all made guest appearances in my games over the years.

Quasqueton is also the name of a small town in Iowa (just a guess here, but I’m betting that author Mike Carr took the name for “Quasqueton the Dungeon” from “Quasqueton the Town” and not vice-versa).

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  1. Akrasia says:

    Many fond memories of this module! Last time I ran it was 2005.

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