The good thing about A to Z posts

I keep reading comments here and there where people are slagging on the whole ‘A to Z’ thing. I finsished the last of my A to Z posts the other day (they are all just sitting in the queue waiting to be autoposted when the right day comes around). While I’m not proud of all of my A to Z posts, I can honestly say that there are a few that I wrote that I think could be pretty interesting to the community at large and were fun to write and think about — and I would have probably never written them if I hadn’t had to find a topic that started with a certain letter.

This morning’s entry (T is for Tana Tak) is a case in point. I had a pile of notes and drawings in my binder, so all that stuff was ‘already written,’ but it wouldn’t have occure to me to look it over, scan it in, write it up, etc., unless I had to come up with something for the letter T. And once I started looking at it, I became more excited about it. And now that I have posted it, the wheels have started turning and I am eager to do some more work on it.

I took the A to Z challenge as a chance to repost a lot of campaign notes from Aldeboran which I have added to, very sporadically, over the years. It’s given me a chance to take a closer look at the stuff I’ve accumulated as a whole. And that’s a good thing.

2 Comments on “The good thing about A to Z posts”

  1. Risus Monkey says:

    I was a little dubious of this A to Z thing but I have actually found that it gas really forced me to step up my game. Most of my posts were ones that I had been thinking about and just needed a little push. And some of my best posts totally came out if left field.

    Still, I'll be glad when I can take a break.

  2. Carter Soles says:

    Yes, I have found the Challenge to be beneficial as well, if (by this point) a bit tiring. It surely pushed me to post about a few things I might not have otherwise, and to dust off a few ideas from the vaults.

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