The Emperor has a Comb-over!

I’d like to congratulate the mainstream media outlets on finally having found the courage to say that ‘The Donald’ is full of shit. Like here. And here. And here. In my opinion, the best high-level analysis I’ve seen of the whole kerfuffle is in The Christian Science Monitor. Even David Letterman, a barometer of ‘middle America’ if ever there was one, is done with The Donald.

And I just find myself wondering, “What took you guys so long?”

My beef, however, is less with Trump (who is a self promoting blowhard to the core) and more with the media who do not seem to feel the need to do anything other than ‘feed the beast’ and sell advertising time. And when I say, “Feed the Beast” I mean that the mainstream media outlets don’t seem to follow any other dictum in deciding what to put onscreen other than, “If it bleeds it leads.” Even if the ‘bleeding’ is just a fatuous real-estate developer with an outsize ego running his mouth and attempting to stoke up controversy to promote his ‘reality’ show and engage in his public displays of masturbatory self admiration while stoking racism tinged conspiracy theories that lead nowhere other than into a self perpetuation news cycle where the same story returns, again and again, like the killer in a series of brain-dead slasher films.

Perhaps if someone like Donald Trump wants to make stupid statements about Obama’s birth certificate, it is “news.” But why does it have to be reported witht he same gravity and given the same level of coverage as our two wars in the Middle East or the US budget? Why have the major media outlets given self promoting, ‘personal memoir’ writing, reality show starring media whores like Trump and Palin and all the rest so much airtime and softball questions with cozy brown-nosing television personalities? Why can’t we have a sense of proportion? Why do we need these perrenial ‘junk stories’ clouding the view of more serious matters? Why can’t more producers at NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, etc., say to themselves, “Okay, let’s take 5 minutes for the bullshit stories after we get done with Afghanistan, the Budget, North Korea and jobs…

It’s not a matter of the media ‘playing politics.’ I don’t think asking the media to have a “sense of proportion” is asking too much. Nobody likes bad news; that doesn’t mean that we don’t need to hear it… especially when it is something we may need to deal with.

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  1. limpey says:

    I suspect that Trump would tell you that the sky is exactly the color that he determined was best for skies and if not for him the sky would be purple or puce or some other 'bad' color.

  2. Malcadon says:

    I still hear about the wars and some of the serious matters inflicting our world on the major networks, but they get heavily marginalized by random reports on bullshit. I also notice that the major networks just report the same stories, until it feels like they are just coping off of each other. I usually change it to BBC News, as they tend to report on things the other networks overlook, and get through the bullshit quickly, so they can get to the real reports.

    I also hate how reporters are trying to act like fucking comedians, which often come off as childish, ear-raping puns – fuck them all! I watch a local political reporter (some guy named Jon Ralston) who makes good – usually sarcastic – jokes about the candidates or issues, but there is a lot to make fun of, in politics.

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