No Gen Con for me

I was hoping to go to GenCon this year in order to celebrate the release of my book (“Exquisite Corpses“) and spend some time meeting fine folks at Joseph Browning’s / Expeditious Retreat’s OSRG Booth… (I hear even Ostensible Cat was coming all of the way from Italy!) but continued cash flow problems make that impossible.
I’m just a sad-faced clown, crying on the inside while whining on the outside.

2 Comments on “No Gen Con for me”

  1. Ah, that sucks. I was hoping we could get in a couple of games. Well, I suppose I'll have to go buy some art from yah to try and alleviate some of the cashflow problems.

  2. Sweet, now I've placed my order so I can place your stuff alongside my Kent Burles art that I have. Good stuff ;)!

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