What is it with the "old and sick" killers?

Ratko Mladic, former Serbian gerneral, was recently arrested and moved to The Hague to stand trial for war crimes in Kosovo and Serbia during the war that took place in the late 1990s. After his recent arrest, the former general joins a long list of people accused of genocide and/or other atrocities who plead age, infirmity or ill health when their crimes finally catch up to them(a list that includes Pinochet of Chile, Franco of Spain, Mubarak of Egypt, Marcos of the Philippines and others).

It is ironic that a man like Mladic, who is known to have given the orders that resulted in Serbian soldiers shooting captives, raping women, shelling civilian targets, etc., would have his lawyer claim that due to his age and infirmity, it would be ‘cruel’ to to put the former General on trial. I hope the bastard rots in hell.

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  1. JDJarvis says:

    It's easier to catch them when they are old and sick, when they've run out of funds to bribe people and their political influence has waned.

    @Jim, he's very much human as were his crimes. There are people like him in every ethnicity, every land and every political faction and it's up to civilized society to deny them power and punish them for their crimes.

  2. Trey says:

    I think the Shadow would say something like: “The weed of crimes against humanity bears bitter fruit.”

    Then he probably shoot him with his twin .45s.

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