Do yourself a favor!

…and check out the Sidney Sime collection of pictures on the Monsterbrains blog.

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  1. ClawCarver says:

    Oh my, yes. Those are stupendous. Kind of Beardsley-meets-Bilibin-meets-Bauer-meets-Bosch. I was lapping up their deliciously morbid fantastical beauty and thinking how Dunsanian they seemed, when I saw the one with the hanged man and the three masked miscreants and realised that it was precisely that: an illustration for one of my favourite Dunsany tales: “The Highwayman.”

    I guess some of the others are Dunsany illos too. Is that “The Fortress Unvanquishable, Save For Sacnoth” towering into the clouds? Perhaps. Anyway, thanks for shining some lantern-light into another dark corner of weird art history.

  2. ClawCarver says:

    D'oh! Just reached the bottom and read the text. Well, there you go.

  3. limpey says:

    Just a few years ago I picked up a collection of Dunsany short stories that had an amazing image on the cover… which I later found out was by Sime. I had never heard of him before that point.
    The 'Monster Brains' link is well worth following simply because there are so many images there I haven't seen before.

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