Zombies, as a genre, have probably officially jumped the shark…

This ad came in the mail recently. “In a world devastated by lack of sleep…” I don’t know what to say.

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  1. Erin says:

    Used to be when brains were enough, but the zombies today really crave the flat-screen.

  2. No, that ad did not jump over anything. One wheel of the bike hit the front corner of the ramp, and it turned over and skidded 5 feet on the pavement, without bursting into flame, and no one was seriously hurt. It turned out the driver was wearing Depends undergarments duct-taped to every part of his/her body. As was the crew filming the event, and the spectators.

    It will get far worse than this, Stephan, rest assured.

  3. scottsz says:

    I knew the zombies were coming.

    I need to stock up on canned food, pronto!

  4. JDJarvis says:

    Zombies are sure everywhere these days. Luckily the youth of this generation are prepared. From my own infant son's mouth “Kin Kill Zombies”

  5. Taketoshi says:

    I can't believe I was actually more offended by the ad's use of the apostrophe in “let's” than I was by the crass zombie-commercialism.

    Wait, weren't zombie movies originally a critique of consumerism? Gah, rather than jumping the shark we've just created a full-circle singularity.

  6. I was done with zombies a number of years ago.
    Enough already.

    Vampires are next.

  7. limpey says:

    I found myself wondering if this ad meant that I should shoot people in the head if they looked sleepy.

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