With a side of Mugwumps, please…

Found these delightfully pervy pictures by Mat Brown via Monsterbrains today. Brown’s work reminds me of some dinosaur books I had as a youngster, but with more perversion than I recall seeing in those illustrations of trilobites and pterodactyls. If you don’t visit Monsterbrains regularly, do yourself a favor and sign up — good stuff.

5 Comments on “With a side of Mugwumps, please…”

  1. Very cool stuff. Thanks for sharing.

  2. biopunk says:

    Whoah! Every body click on that link!

    Click on that link!

  3. Malcadon says:

    I started watching them since the Down in the Dungeon pics. They showcase a lot of great stuff over there.

    Of these pics, I like the one with the giant crunching a horse under his foot, with a blood-orgy going around the foreground, as it reminds me of the weird, surreal shit I like to put in my own games. I do not consider them as all the perverted… but I always had a strange outlook on life. I find it more comical then anything else.

  4. limpey says:

    I didn't intend the word “perverted” as a put down in this case. Maybe I ought to start using words to convey what they actually mean rather than what I would like them to mean.

  5. JimLotFP says:

    My wife caught me looking at these pics.

    “Good luck giving this guy art direction,” she said.

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