Welcome to The Village of Hamlet

Click the pic to go bigger! There’s lots of bad shit going on in Hamlet!

Welcome to Hamlet!

Hamlet (named in honor/satire of Gygax’s ‘Hommlet’) is/was a village in my original campaign just a short walk from Khunmar. It is a village where chamber pots are continually being dumped from upstairs windows on the heads of unsuspecting persons below, dogs fight over severed body parts in the street, executions are so commonplace and frequent that they barely draw a crowd and everything is for sale — East Saint Louis, pre-WW2 Berlin, Rome in it’s glory, NYC before Disneyfication and post-economy Detroit all distilled down to their essence and crammed into a village that will fit on one piece of graph paper.
Price lists should include standard dungeoneering items (ten and eleven foot poles, ropes, spikes, etc) as well as blow jobs, VD cures, exorcisms and whatever the medieval version of crystal meth might be.
Nihilist gaming at its best. Penis size and anal circumference size charts optional and probably not a good idea.

6 Comments on “Welcome to The Village of Hamlet”

  1. At least they have a consistent set of community standards.

  2. ClawCarver says:

    Wow. After a week in Hamlet, you'd head off to Khunmar just for some civility and sanity. (Though not necessarily sanitation.)

  3. Il Male™ says:

    I was thinking of running some revised Khunmar from your free supplement for my upcoming LL game, but my notes for the “nearest village” are waaay more vanilla 😀

    Anyway, amazing piece. It creeps the hell out of me.

  4. A great tonic against the latest round of old school RPG wowserism. Thanks for putting a smile on my face Stefan. 🙂

  5. Erin says:

    Ha! Every campaign should have a hive a scum and villainy. Thanks for that!

  6. limpey says:

    Assuming the 3 heads on spikes count as only 1 thing and the fact that the dwarf is spilling his beer does not count at all, I've managed to cram only 15 'bad' things into this drawing… I don't think that is enough to qualify as truly nihilist.

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