Let’s get something straight right now…

Open letter to the US media: I refuse to accept that ‘potential’ or ‘possible’ presidential candidates are worthy of my attention. Someone is either a candidate or they are not. Do not enable ‘media-whorism’ or public displays of narcissism on the part of has beens, almost weres, also rans and book-deal chasers.
Are you a candidate?” should have only two possible and very simple answers (‘Yes‘ and ‘No‘). If a ‘potential’ refuses to answer those questions, do not report on him/her until he/she gives a straight answer.

2 Comments on “Let’s get something straight right now…”

  1. Al says:

    Should I take this to mean you are announcing your candidacy? 😉

  2. JDJarvis says:

    Hell, I'm a potential candidate and I've yet to be interviewed by a single media outlet.

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