File under "ironic."

According to the Chicago Tribune, a fire recently destroyed ‘The World’s Largest Stove.‘ The stove had been built for the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago and had later been moved to Michigan where it was on display on the State Fairgrounds. With the recession and double digit job losses the norm in our state, we Michiganders feel we have suffered enough in the past couple years — and now we have lost ‘The World’s Largest Stove.” Fate is a bitch.

One wouldn’t think the ‘World’s Largest Stove” would be in danger of burning down… in fact, I would think that a headline like, “World’s Largest Stove used to cook World’s Largest Pancake” would be more likely… but this stove was build of wood which makes me wonder why a) it didn’t burn down sooner and b) if it can’t handle a little fire without burning down, was ‘The World’s Largest Stove’ really a stove?

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  1. I believe Michigan also lays claim to the World's Second Largest Stove, which explains the lack of public uproar over this loss. They're still in the lead on a global scale.

  2. Malcadon says:

    Irony often gets misused, but the true irony of this story is not that it burned-down, but the fact that it is called the “World's Largest Stove”, and its just a big-ass tinderbox: an actual stove should cook the food without taking the damn house with it! XP

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