ETSY ART STORE OPEN; new discounts availible!

Some of the original artwork I have made over the years as illustrations for books by Goodman Games and others is for sale in my etsy store.  The store’s listings had expired without my noticing it, so I renewed all the listings and SLASHED THE PRICES to the freaking bone!  Everything must go!  Illustration at right is typical from one of the Goodman DCC Classics books.  More work to come in the future.

If that were not enough, well, let me sweeten the deal… enter coupon code WURDPRESSONE for an additional 10% off!

Keep your eye on the shop; will be adding more work for your collection/walls in the future… including COLOR cover art from Goodman’s DCC CLassics lines and others… if that floats yer boat.  If not, well, that’s OK too.

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  1. scottsz says:

    Store looks great!

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