Shameless Commerce Division: T Shirt sale for Khunmar

I was dinking around with some art for Khunmar and I decided to try to design a t-shirt for Mines of Khunmar.  If I have my math right, I started Khunmar in 1982 — which would make it 30 years old next year.  Come hell or high water, next year Khunmar will be available in some form (I hope).  In the meantime, you can buy a crappy, overpriced shirt from Cafe Press… each sale will put a few pennies in my pocket and hopefully spur me on to finishing the damn thing.

This is the front:

And, on the back, a severed head of yet another luckless PC who has met his end in Khunmar:

It’s actually sort of a self portrait… except my hair is shorter and my head is still attached to my body… and my eyebows are not quite so Gandalfy.  But, yeah, I think if I had a mullet and I got decapitated I might look something like the above.

I ordered one for myself (for the outrageous price of 25.00 plus 5.00 and change for shipping — fucking robbery for a t-shirt that will probably fall apart in a week).  If it looks OK, I’ll open up the store for the public, and, hopefully, these will be flying off the shelves and filling my pockets with dough.  Then I’ll move on to key chains, messenger bags, mugs, ashtrays, note books, tooth brushes, bath mats and other Khunmar crap… and eventually you will get the dungeon after I have milked the ‘accessories’ teat enough.  So save your shekels and get ready to spend!

Finally, here is another drawing for Khunmar:

For those of you keeping track, this is the 4th or 5th drawing for Khnumar I have shown the world.  There are others, but some are not done yet, some have not been scanned and some suck wads and need to be done over again — plus 80% of the work is not done yet anyway.  I plan to have a half page drawing for each map section like the above, and then many little drawings scattered throughout the work.  It will be pretty art heavy, which is what I want, and everything will be by me, so if you hate my work you will want to stay away from the final product.  ‘Rules’ and stuff will be minimal, probably compatible with Swords & Wizardry or something similar,  and there will be notes as to how I have used the dungeon in the past, suggestions and other inappropriate notes and musings.  As you can see in the pic above, one of the many entry ways to the dungeon is through a castle occupied by pig-headed orcs who apparently wear high-top tennis shoes.  What the fuck?  And there will be severed heads.  Lots of them.  And at least one drawing of a guy taking a shit while getting attacked by giant insects because that is how I roll.

OK.  That is all for now.  Carry on.

6 Comments on “Shameless Commerce Division: T Shirt sale for Khunmar”

  1. limpey says:

    Message from Cafe Pre$$ this morning said my first t-shirt should arrive ~Nov 1st or 2nd. If it looks OK (I have my doubts), I’ll open up the store to the public. But +30.00 for a t-shirt with shipping? What a rip. If anyone has a better suggestion for a provider, please let me know. I can’t afford (and don’t want to) do a batch order simply because I don’t have the $$$ to tie up in that kind of thing and don’t want to mail out 100 different t-shirts to 100 different people.

    • Zanazaz says:

      Have you checked out Zazzle? They do t-shirts, and I don’t remember them being that expensive. They also have frequent sales.

      • limpey says:

        Thanks — will check it out.

      • limpey says:

        zazzle IS cheaper — and there is a problem with my Cafepress shirt (I noticed if I put it on any T-shirt other than white, there is a big white square around my logo even though I used a PNG image like they suggested — maybe that transparency function is disabled in my copy of Photoshop LE? — so after I get done with Cafepress, I’m going to try a Zazzle since they promise that they can solve that white square problem. We shall see.

  2. kiltedyaksman says:

    Love everything except the tennis shoes – breaks the very cool verisimilitude you have going.

  3. Limpey says:

    Kiltedyaksman: I’ve written something about my thoughts on fantasy art, inspired in part by your comment and in part by some stuff that I have been mulling over. I don’t mind that you don’t like the Converse All-Stars on the orcs; it has actually given me some stuff to think about:

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