New art for Khunmar

I posted about this on aldeboran, but, since it is ‘art related,’ I figure I better post about it here, too.

Below is one ‘corrected’ drawing for Khunmar Level 1 (kobold caves) which may get corrected again.  In version 1, the kobolds are dwarf-like (which I like) but look too big.  In version 2 I have replaced them with the dog-headed kobolds of the AD&D monster manual.  The size is better but I like the shabby-looking dirty dwarfs better.  There may be a 3rd version in which I have shabby looking dirty dwarfs of tiny size.  The good thing about this is I don’t redraw the whole thing — just the part with the kobolds in it — and then make it into one image via photoshop magic.  The 2nd (or 3rd, depending on how you count) picture is some feckless dude in plate armor getting the shit blasted out of his gizzards by a lightning dragon as his comrades look on. (Click any image to see bigger)

right monsters, wrong size...

wrong monsters, right size

Zzzzzzzap! Owww! Fuck!

2 Comments on “New art for Khunmar”

  1. makofan says:

    You rock so much it is impossible to quantify. My players had a rough time with that bridge 🙂

  2. Jack Colby says:

    Looking forward to seeing it completed at last.

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