Brain Eater

Yesterday I posted a pic of a monster I am working up; today I have a revised image.  It’s a little smaller and is more ‘dug in’ to the victim’s brain, using 1/2 of it’s eight tentacles to grasp the victim by the throat and sticking tentacles in the ears and mouth to ‘pull the strings’ on the person it is controlling… leaving 4 tentacles free to attack the next victim.

Edit: Better yet!  Jon C. asked me if I had ever seen the old horror movie, “Fiend without a Face.”  I have not, but check it out… brains crawling around like inch worms:

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  1. Appropriately disgusting and weird. I like it!

  2. Hamel™ says:

    That's cool!
    IMHO in a science fantasy setting you could use a slightly different version: an 8-cabled TV Monitor. ^_^

  3. Malcadon says:

    I know what he is going through. That happens to me whenever I turn on the TV. =P

  4. Drance says:

    If you sought to create something truly disturbing…then congratulations! Great success!

  5. Hey Stef – Do you remember the old black and white sci-fi film, “Fiend Without A Face.” Your creature reminds me of the monster in that film.

  6. Limpey says:

    Damn, Jon… that is cool. No, I never saw that movie but now I want to… especially after having seen the clip I added above.

  7. JoeGKushner says:

    There were a couple of products that sought to replace the IP versions of WoTC/TSR monsters. Classics of Fantasy from Lion's Den Press is one of them. I believe Phil Reed's was Possessors.

  8. Favorite line from Fiend Without a Face: “Did you ever try sleep instead of Benzedrine? You might like it.”

  9. @Jeff – great line!

    There's a certain “evil sperm” quality that I like about this creature in an unsettling, want-to-wash-your-hands kind of way.

    Unlike a lot of 50s monster movies, this didn't have a guy in a monster suit. The creature looked organic if improbable.

    I remember being weirded out by this film on the Creature Feature in Detroit's Channel 50 one Saturday afternoon as a seven year old. I remember going so far as to figure out a plan for what I could do if they came at me in my bedroom while I was asleep. Nasty, gross, and preposterous! Should fit right in with the any old school D&D game.

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