New Year’s Resolutions

Money in the bank!

A Kroger fruitcake made in 1941 was recently sold at auction for over $500.00.  Proceeds will go to benefit the homeless (perhaps the money will be used to purchase gift baskets for these unfortunates… gift baskets that might contain clean socks, toothpaste, smoked meats and fruitcake!).  It is believed that the auction winner will keep the 70 year old fruitcake as an investment.

If you stick ‘old fruitcake’ into the googlemachine,  you will discover that 70 years is about average for a fruitcake.  People have fruitcakes ranging in age from 44 years to 125(!) years stowed away in attics, safety deposit boxes, closets, etc.

Perhaps this is the year that I invest in fruitcake.  If a 70 year old fruitcake is valuable, I can sell it to some rich fruitcake collector when I am old and grey and shivering in my unheated shack under a thin, threadbare blanket… OR, if the world economy has collapsed and civilization as we know it gone down the tubes, I can eat my fruitcakes.  Fuck the gold.  The survivalist with a plan will invest in fruitcakes.

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  1. Marcus says:

    You could try not to be such a d-bag. But why try to do something you are not going to try to do?

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