I haven’t spent much time on the blog (or even on the computer), so I’ve been out of touch with the whole online thing.  I’ve finished my 2nd week at the new job (which has taken a lot out of me — there is a lot of stuff to learn) and I have been working on some private commissions (some of which are due today, so, J., if you are reading this, they are almost done and you should have scans in your inbox by tonight).

Someone wrote to tell me that my Etsy store is empty, which reminds me of one of the rather annoying things about Etsy.  If you put stuff in the store and it doesn’t sell, the listing expires and it disappears. I don’t regret Etsy’s need to charge sellers a listing fee, but I wish they would send me a notice telling me that my listings are about to expire so I can renew them.  The only way I find out that my listings have expired is if someone writes to me to tell me the store is empty or I check the store myself (and one of the reasons I use Etsy is because I don’t have the time to manage an online store right now).  Maybe Etsy does send notices but they get snagged by my spam filter. (BTW, I renewed the current listings in the store to the tune of 0.20 cents each… which erodes my profit margin even more (frown). When things slow down I hope to list new stuff in the store, but putting in the original listings take a lot of time since I need to enter all sorts of info, provide scans, etc., and I don’t have much time right now).

Scuttlebut is that A) Wizards is working on a 5th edition of D&D and B) Wizards is doing a limited run reprint of first edition books.  I know this is something that a lot of people are very excited about, but I don’t see how it will have much impact on me or my interests.

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