Barrowmaze Cover Art!

Kiltedyaksman over at Discourse & Dragons has just done the ‘reveal’ on his latest publication, so now I can show off the cover art I did:

The publication is ‘The Barrowmaze,” an old school dungeon filled with loads of creepy shit and monsters.
I also did a lot of illustrations for the interior in black and white, including pictures of various foolhardy adventurers about to get their comeuppance and several new monsters. No final word on release date, but the details of printing are being worked out right now so it should hit the boards any day now — head on over to the Yaksman’s and buy two copies! (one for the game table and one for the coffee table)

Sadly, before too long this and all the rest of the artwork gets packed up and shipped to Canada to decorate the domicile of the author. Glad it’s finding a good home but (sniff) they grow up and leave the nest so soon!

2 Comments on “Barrowmaze Cover Art!”

  1. Charles says:

    Stephen I like this a lot. Beautifully creepy in a functional (ie, the PCs look like functional adventurers) way, which can’t be easy since it doesn’t seem to happen a real lot in fantasy illos (although I’m the first to admit the narrowness of my own exposure in the field). On that note, excuse my ignorance but is the 3-diamond shield a nod to the old AD&D DMG?

    CHeers Charles

  2. limpey says:

    many thanks for the compliments. The shield was done as a reference to the AD&D DMG cover by the author’s request.

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