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In response to Zak of PD&Dw/P*’s “More of this, please…” post, I offer a few of the images I find interesting or inspiring, chosen (somewhat) at random. These are pictures that have a ‘something’ I like; there are many more (I just snagged a bunch from my ‘good examples’ archive). I didn’t include certain artists already well known to the D&D public (like Trampier, Otus and some others like Rackham) since they would probably be familiar to anyone who reads this blog. And none of these are by me.
I wrote about this last year… in particular, here and here.
I’m not trying to give a last word on this; there is just a lot of great stuff out there.

4 Comments on “This is my list”

  1. Always good to see some Blake.

  2. Pic1 = Uz goodness for Evan 🙂
    Man, I love Stephen Fabian. His art is a big part of why Ravenloft is my favourite TSR setting.
    Who did the red octopoid tentacular horror?

  3. Joshua says:

    Thos're definitely inspired! Yoink!

    Also, nice to see someone else diggin' the Russian Hobbit illustrations!

  4. Alexey says:

    I don't know anything about art, but I love the 3rd from the bottom. Dude's like, “I don't get to see naked ladies often, and I'll be ding-donged if I'm going to let you have her!”

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