Poor Dog

One of our dogs had an abscessed tooth that had to come out…  $750.00 later she looks like she lost a fight with Joe Louis.

She wears the cone-head.


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  1. Paul says:


  2. Ed Dove says:

    I second that “Ow!” — both for her pain your $750.

    You must be a good owner because, for a dog recovering from surgery and wearing a Cone of Shame, she looks pretty happy.

  3. wilmanric says:

    I hope she’s feeling better! Dogs are part of the family!

  4. limpey says:

    Yeah… she’s on antibiotics and each day it goes down a little bit.

  5. Cal says:

    The “Comfy Cone” (use the googles) is great. When one of our dogs had to have a cone it was so nice and “comfy” for her. She’s a very nervous dog and the plastic one scared her. Just make sure and get the right size.

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