Cerberus / drawing a day

As the handful of regular readers will know, I have been keeping a notebook where I try to draw SOMETHING in it every day… some days are better than others.  This spread is from April 18 through April 21… each day I worked on it a little more.  I began in the upper left hand quadrant, but from that point on I kind of worked a little here and a little there.  (original size is about 13 inches wide x 10 inches tall).

Medium is a black rollerball pen  with a fine tip that you can buy in a drugstore on the lightweight paper of this cheap notebook — not my favorite drawing surface, but once I decided that I wanted to draw in this notebook every day, by the time I began to regret my choice of cheap paper I had already done a month or so.

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  1. Cool. I really like Rhodia’s paper, although I haven’t tried their Moleskeine-eque notebooks yet.

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