Barrowmaze 2

Need a new cleric.

Did I mention this here at Aldeboran already?  Kiltedyaksman is using crowdfunding site Indiegogo  to help fund publishing Barrowmaze 2, the sequel to Barrowmaze, and there is a bunch of artwork by me in Barrowmaze (and will be in Barrowmaze 2). The above painting is from Barrowmaze 2. More info at his blog, Discourse and Dragons, as well as the Indieagogo page.

If you have seen the art in the original Barrowmaze, some of the above characters might look familiar.  The surprised looking dude with the rabbit ears antennae on his helmet was in an interior illustration trying to keep his buddy from falling down a pit, the dude pointing was from another illustration inside and the magic user was also on the cover of the original Barrowmaze (see below).

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