Zombie attack in Florida

The police in Florida would have you believe that the incident that involved a naked man being shot by police after he had been ordered to stop eating another man’s face is just a case of a guy in a drug induced psychosis, but you and I know the real truth.  Yes, my fellow Americans, make my words — on Memorial Day Weekend 2012 we had the first case of the Thanatos Virus reported in the US.  And zombies are like roaches… for every one you see, there are ten more, so it will only get worse!

I hope, for the public’s sake, that the victim is isolated and restrained. Perhaps it would be a mercy to put a bullet in the man’s brain — I know that’s what I would want if it were me.

I guess I better call in tomorrow. I will need the whole day to stock up on plywood for the windows, canned food and water as well as ammo.

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  1. Hmmm after hearing about this news story I have not heard from any of my friends who always talk about a zombie apocalypse. They must all be down in their bunkers loading weapons.

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