I’d be flattered if they used my noggin…

It’s not as if he used it much anyway.

HBOs “Game of Thrones” apparently featured a scene where a mask of George W. Bush’s head (43rd US president) appears briefly as a prop head of some poor unfortunate who has been executed and had his head impaled on a stick (one of the few historical accuracies to make it into “Game of Thrones.”  I’m no historian, but even I know that heads ending up on sticks happened a LOT in the past).

How they recognized G.W. in that ratted out hair-band wig is beyond me, but politicians and pundits from the right side of the aisle have reacted with the easily predicted outrage whereas the ‘less to the right’ Dems (I hesitate to call them ‘the left’ since they really don’t fit the definition) have said nothing — I’m sure they would be squeaking in outrage if Bill Clinton’s or Obama’s noggin had also appeared on a stake.  HBO has promised to excise the head from future pressings and ‘not do it again.’

No spoilers please.  I never watch anything in real time and have only watched a couple of these on disc… I think I’m on episode 5 or 7 or so.  Sean Bean is in prison. That skinny wierdo who sold his sister to the horseclans leader as a bride just got killed by having a pot of melted gold poured on his head. The dwarf from “The Station Agent” has just had a chilly reunion with his prick of a dad. There’s something with some creepy “Leche society” queen and her weirdo son. Somebody lost a sword fight and fell through a hole in the floor. Things are not right in the frozen north.  And that’s all I know.

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