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These are the search terms people used yesterday morning to find their way to this blog. I don’t know if ‘search terms’ means someone entered this and then clicked on my blog or if it just means that they entered the search terms and my blog showed up in their umpteen gajillion results (I suspect the former due to the size of the internet and the numbers involved… search term #1 topped out at 4 times this morning which seems too low for ‘appeared in google search’).

The terms are:

galaxy of terror worm scene
a bug eating a guys face
cat faced spider florida
crystal eyeglasses prometheus
freak scene art show
old man zombie skull
prometheus absurd
prometheus she eats like a chinese
torches angry crowd

The one that has me curious us “prometheus she eats like a chinese.”  What does “eats like a chinese” mean?  I’ve seen Chinese people in China Town hold a bowl close to their chin with one hand and put the food in their mouth with the other hand — is that what they were thinking of when they entered that?  And what does that have to do with “Prometheus” (the movie or the myth)? And “cat faced spider florida“?

I love this unintentionally dadaist shit.

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  1. Malcadon says:

    Yeah, I tend to forget that my blog – Epic Fail – have that feature. I dont have any odd Search Keywords, as much of it is related to that kinky Chainmail Bikini post – with results that are only odd when taken out of context. Although, that post is my most popular post. 😉

    I really have to thank Lord Gwydion of the What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse… blog for all the traffic. Hell, I did not know about that blog until now. =P

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