Another ill-advised foray into politics / social commentary

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Note: This was supposed to get posted ages ago — whoops.  Probably less current, but my thoughts remain the same.

Both of the people who read this blog probably already know that I sometimes write ill-advised things about politics and / or social issues on my blog.  And so it is with great joy that I write about the stupidity of Congressman Todd Aiken, from the great state of Missouri, who is running for Claire McCaskill’s seat (which isn’t my former home district, but is near to my hometown of St. Louis).  Aiken, who is gunning for the incumbent McCasskil’s seat*, was (not so) recently being interviewed on his views about reproductive freedom/abortion in the case of rape.

Then on Sunday, Mr Akin was asked by local news station KTVI-TV about his no-exceptions view on abortion.

The 65-year-old congressman said: “It seems to me, from what I understand from doctors, that is really rare.

“If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.”

 I don’t know if Akin defined what differentiated a ‘legitimate’ case of rape from an ‘illegitimate’ one.  And the people of the state of Missouri wonder why some of us want sex ed in the public schools.

Later, Akin said he “had mis-spoke” and did not intend to say what he said. He also complained that ‘one word’ was accidentally used which caused people to misunderstand him and he was a victim of the “gotcha” media in action — but if we gave him a do-over in which he were allowed to change one word, which word would he change in order to change the fact that the statement he made means that he is in denial about how women get pregnant? This also causes me to wonder what, exactly, he was trying to say, because there are very few ways that what he did say could be interpreted.  And the “from what I understand from doctors” comment has me puzzled, too.  Are these medical doctors? Or people with doctorates in some other field?

The official deadline for Akin to drop out has passed, but there are apparently still other ways in which the candidate could withdraw. The Republicans want him out.  The Democrats***, who are delighted to see that they now actually might have a chance of retaining McCaskill’s seat, want him to stay on. It’s a real nailbiter.

*Rumor has it that McKasskil’s staff celebrated when they heard that Akin won the Republican primary because he was thought ‘most likely to self destruct’ of all the potential competion. I’m sure they are gratified to see that their prediction has (sort of) come true. I wonder if they have bought liquor, party hats, noisemakers and a ‘pin the word LOSER on the Elephant’ game for their McCaskill re-election party in advance now that Akin has decided to stay in?

**No actual horses were harmed when this picture was taken although a wooden horse was temporarily made to look silly.  This image merely illustrates that some merry-go-round horses have detatchable tails, although there is something rather perverse about the picture that caused me to choose it over all the other images that popped up when I typed, “horse’s ass” into image search.

***People who don’t know me very well might think of me as probably being a ‘democrat,’ and that is sort of true, if by ‘democrat’ you mean I think that the democratic candidate will occassionally be the less destructive of the choices that the voter is usually presented with, but I think ‘less destructive’ is not really as an endorsement of the Democratic party — just labeling them the lesser of two evils.  Thinking Mr. Akin is an incompetent, dangerous douche has less to do with whether a D or an R follows his name and is more about the fact that he wants to legislate human reproduction without understanding how women get pregnant.

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  1. Malcadon says:

    Yeah, Todd Aiken is big news. Republicans are distancing themselves from him, but have double-down on those views, and Democrats are holding him up as a poster-boy for Republican ideology and ignorance. Its all theater to me. It has been widely reported that he got that info from a book written in the 70s, by a discredited physician called Fred Mecklenburg.

    I hear you about the endorsement part. I live in Navada, which is a major swing-state with strong independent voters who are mostly fed-up with both parties. To get an idea what folk around here like in a politician, all you have to do is look-up the late Kenny Guinn. As far as things are going, the Republican Party here do not have their shit together (I would list examples, but there are too many!), and with all the news about what the Republicans are saying and doing on the TV, I'll be really surprised if we become a red-state this election cycle.

    Save for guys like Guinn (a true rarity these days), politicians on all sides are corrupt little whores, so all we can do is pick the less destructive ones, and hope for good, honest ones to appear (and not fall for the dark side).

  2. Stephan Poag says:

    Yeah, I wish I had remembered to publish this when it was more current.

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