Nostradamus Predicts (warning: political)

American Heroes: Captain America, Paul Revere and Tim from Accounting.

I recently told Annie (my significant other) that Obama was going to beat Romney in the upcoming election so we didn’t have to pay any more attention to the head-up-it’s-own-assery of politics and political reporting in 2012. I’m basing this prediction on the fact that the LA Times already called it for Obama (the LA Times is hardly a bastion of liberal ideology and I suspect it’s editorial board would probably prefer Romney, but they would also like to say “We told you so” on November 7th ). Plus I just don’t want to feel I need to pay any attention whatsoever to all the press releases from all of the political strategists who are out there telling us what it means when Mitt eats a corndog in Iowa or Barack shoots some hoops in Baltimore.

I don’t think the US election is really a choice between Romney and Obama; it’s more of a choice between the Democratic and the Republican parties. My own sentiments are that the Democrats are a slightly less bad choice than the Republicans for me and mine, but “I hate them slightly less than the Republicans” is about as enthusiastic as I can get for the Democrats. I also take solace in the fact that 4 more years of probable continuing political stalemate in Washington is bad, but what Mitt intends (assuming anything he has said resembles what he would do in office) would be worse for the middle and lower classes. I’m not a Marxist (unless you count being a fan of Groucho); I just think the idea that releiving billionaires and corporations of ‘burdensome’ taxes and regulations will not make the life of the people I feel loyalty towards any better, only worse.  We’ve tried it already for 12 years. If you are a member of the 1% and reading this makes you mad, well, go count your money, Scrooge McDuck.

Money issues aside, there is another reason I can’t see myself voting for a Republican, and that is the ‘culture’ issue. I think it’s fine if people want to go to their church or temple or mosque on Sunday and pray to Jesus or Vishnu or Allah or Santa Claus, but the way the party of Lincoln has lowered the bar by painting mainstream white christians as the ‘victims’ in a culture war that they started would be laughable if the gullible saps were not so eager to lap it up.  How somebody else being gay or building a mosque or not wanting to pay for a Christmas nativity scene at City Hall makes ‘christians’ victims in this fight was a genius political tactic a few years ago, but only the people who are too angry or stupid to think for themselves are still paying attention to that  schtick.  Even Dick Cheney came out in support of gay marriage after having rode to the Whitehouse 2x in a row on the “social conservative” ticket.  Way to live by your principles, Dick. Although I have to thank the ‘culture warriors’ for comic relief.  Just yesterday Rick Santorum said that social conservatives “will never have smart people on our side.”  Yeah, I know it’s not really what he meant to say, but judging by the angry word-salad that usually flies out of Santorum’s mouth, he seems to have spoken the truth by accident.

If the election were a really choice between Barack and Mitt (the men, not the parties), I’d still vote for Barack. Mitt tied his dog to the roof of his car, had his friends hold another kid down in high school so Mitt could cut his hair and ran a Financial Sausage shop that may have been perfectly legal but was still a predatory organization that destroyed companies and cost working people their jobs. And, call me old fashioned, but I think people without jobs tend to be bad for the economy. And, when he appears in public, Mitt is so stiff and Bryll-creamed that he makes the stumpin’ 2000 version of Al Gore seem warm and personable in contrast.  Barack, on the other hand, smoked pot in college, serves beer at the White House, sneaks an occasional cigarette and collects Conan the Barbarian comics — how could I not like the guy? Plus he’s finally copped to the idea that the government shouldn’t be in the business of regulating who you marry… better late than never.  If you are still not convinced, just look at their names.  ‘Barack’ is Hebrew for thunderbolt; that’s a kick ass name. ‘Mitt’ is what I use to take a hot caserole out of the oven. Would you rather vote for SHAZAM or a potholder?

Of course, I could be wrong, but I don’t think I am.  If you think I am, bookmark this post and come back in November to gloat.

6 Comments on “Nostradamus Predicts (warning: political)”

  1. hehe, fun post!

  2. Jason Carter says:

    Your speaking to the choir, good post!

  3. Malcadon says:

    That not even his real name, it Willard. “Mitt” is quite fitting… for a generic, one-dimensional '80s-movie yuppie antagonist.

    So yeah, Mitt Romney in a nutshell: An out-of-touch yuppie, political flip-flop, who pretends to be relatable to the common jerk-off, but is only interested in his own wallet, and with the political ambitions like a spoiled kid with a passing interest of becoming an Astronaut/Cowboy/President, but with no interest in all the effort or responsibilities need for the job.

  4. Don't forget how those of us in the RoTW (Rest of the World) feel.
    Not only do we still have to watch daily updates of the contest but we don't get a vote and yet we suffer the consequences of your choice. And boy you have made some dumb choices in the past.
    Don't sit on your ass – if you don't like Mitt and prefer Obama – don't you dare not vote.

    Personally I prefer the voting system in Australia – voting is compulsory! Now that's democracy, where crazy fringe groups have a much harder time overturning the mainstream.

  5. Rick says:

    Actually I might vote for Tim from accounting, Paul Revere, and Captain America.

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