Previous Work _Tower of Jedophar

It’s been a few years — I don’t remember exactly when ‘Tower of Jhedophar” was published, but it was a joint venture between Necromancer Games and Kenzer & Company. It was written by Casy Christopherson.  I don’t think Necromancer Games’ website is still being updated, but Paizo apparently still sells this adventure. I think it was presented in a d20 and a ‘Hackmaster’ version, but I only got a copy of the d20 version.

My contribution was the black and white illustrations for the interior of the adventure… and I was looking through some old files and found a few that looked pretty good to me, so I thought I’d share. I don’t remember much of the adventure itself — I read parts of it to do the illustrations, but never had the pleasure of playing in it.

I think this is a drawing of “Morgs.” “Mohrgs” are (I think) undead skeletons filled with intestine-like worms. I don’t know what they do to people, but it can’t be good.
Imbo the Dwarf
There was also an NPC named “Imbo” who is seen here admiring his excessively long beard in the nirror.
And there was a dragon — what dungeon is complete without one?
edit: I think I did  these drawings in 2006, which means they were probably first published in 2006 or 2007.

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  1. Those are great. I especially like the Mohrg.

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