Barrowmaze Shirts on Indie-a-go-go

And now, a brief message from our sponsors…

“Barrowmaze” is now offering some t-shirts via an Indie-a-go-go campaign:

Some of the shirts have artwork by me on them. I don’t get a kickback — I just think it would be a kick to see some of my own artwork wandering up and down the streets on someone else’s back so BUY SOME SHIRTS AND WEAR THEM PROUDLY. Even though I’m getting a couple shirts as a ‘contributor artist,’ I kicked in a few bucks to buy 3 extra. Also, I don’t know who the artist is (edit: It’s Zhu Bhaje!), but I have my eye on this freaking great looking one:
edit: In addition, I’m liking this one (below). Greg (Professor Barrowmaze) took 2 images I drew for him (a guy prying gems out of a statue’s eyes and a group trying to rescue a comrade from death is a pit) and combined them in one image — I’ll post the original images later. It’s a pretty cool combo since it suits my sense of humor that one due is scrambling for his life while one of his comrades is just, “Ah, well, if he falls to his death we will have to split the cash fewer ways…”

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