Mister Morkoth!

Mister Morkoth!

Edit: I did the above drawing a while back and was inspired to go ahead and post it by Eli Arndt’s drawings of the Morkoth in this online artists group. I think Eli’s morkoths look a lot more plausible (and dangerous) than mine — mine looks like a goofy parrot face on an octopus with little wings. If fried and breaded would it taste like chicken or calimari?

I based my drawing on the Morkoth drawing from the 1e Monster Manual by David Sutherland III:

I guess I was never convinced by the 4 tentacle-like limbs positioned like human arms and legs on the original morkoth drawing… so I tried putting the 4 limbs on the bottom in mine… but 4 didn’t seem like enough limbs so I added more in the back, making him more octopus-like. I kept the bullet-shaped head and angry Tweety Bird face… plus I added the spiral-hypno background. I’m not convinced I’ve figured out a better way of portraying / thinking about the morkoth with this drawing. Eli Arndt’s drawings suggest a morkoth who is more like a cross between an insect and an octopus with a toothed fish mouth, which definitely seems more creepy.
I also like Tony DiTerlizzi’s morkoth from the 2e Monster manual:

The morkoth seems to be one of those creatures who has never really gotten his (her? its?) due. The idea of an ‘underwater minotaur’ kind of appeals to me. Perhaps Sigismund the Sea Monster would make a good morkoth?

Or maybe not.

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