Work in Progress – Beholder Attack

Perhaps two years ago I was working on a painting of a group of adventurers getting their asses handed to them by a beholder, It was inspired by this Wizards of the Coast thing from 2011 where they had all of their artists illustrating the same scene (a beholder fighting PCs) and I wanted to put my own spin on it. I got to a certain point, then put it down and didn’t pick it up again until recently. Original link on wordpress site here.
Here is what it looks like right now (not the best picture, but OK):

Here is what it looked like 2 years+ ago… there was an intermediate stage but I don’t think I photographed it:
And below is the original artwork by Wayne Reynolds. If you visit the wizards link above, you can see all the different versions of the same scene by different artists.
No, I don’t think Wizards is going to be calling me soon, either:

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  1. You know, I remember when you made that post and I was going to do a piece based off of this as well. I'd still like to and I think I will at some point but I'm pretty swamped at the moment. At any rate, I do love your take on it.

  2. Love it.

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