Google Glass

These idiots are going to cause a lot of traffic accidents.

You have heard about ‘Google glass,’ right?  If you haven’t, it’s a tiny computer with a heads up display, camera and earpiece that you wear like a pair of glasses. It reads texts to you through the earpiece, can follow voice commands and can show you images via the heads up display. People are already at work on facial recognition aps and other functions that make this the smartphone that you wear rather than carry. It will photograph whatever you are looking at if you say, “OK, Google, take a picture.” Google is trying to make the computer as natural an extension of your body without putting it IN your body as current technology allows.

I’m surprised they didn’t call it ‘Google goggles’ or ‘Googgles’ or something like that.

Maybe I’m just a cranky old man, but I hate it already and think it’s fucking creepy to have a computer/smartphone/texting device that is always on my head and shows the world absolutely everything I see and is constantly whispering in my ear or showing me pictures so I never need to be alone ever again. I predict that the world will soon be divided between the ‘googlers’ who are constantly sharing absolutely everything they do and see and hear and the rest of us who don’t give a shit. Plus the googlers will wear their stupid devices while they drive or walk and probably swerve all over the place and run into the rest of us who aren’t simultaneously travelling AND surfing the fucking web or texting on our eyeballs at the same time.

Google co-founder Sergey Brin dialed the creep factor up to 11 when he said, “It’s really a device that wants to be outdoors, wants to be outside, wants to be with family and friends…”  Really? This device “wants” things? I want things like chicken… and when I get chicken, my dogs make it clear that they want chicken, too, and that seems perfectly natural to me… but I’m just not ready for a computer or smart phone or tablet or wearable computer goggles that wants things, too. There is entirely too much ‘wanting of things’ going on… and now that the purveyors of technology are claiming that things are starting to want things too, I’m about ready to say, “Enough, already” and go live in a cabin like Ted Kaczynski.

EDIT: Google Glass is also a device that does not want to be sold or shared. Not only has Google restricted early sales of the device to people who have made a compelling public pitch as to why they should be deemed worthy of owning the device, but, if you should be so lucky as to be ‘allowed’ to buy a pair of the cyber goggles, you are forbidden to sell, loan or give them to anyone else. Welcome to the brave new world where corporations are people and objects can tell their ‘owners’ the terms of ownership.

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  1. mikemonaco says:

    The eyes of the overworld / Jack Vance. 😉

  2. SAROE says:

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  3. SAROE says:

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  4. JDJarvis says:

    People are swerving all over the road while using old fashioned smartphones now, seems to me a hands free device is a step towards safer.

  5. Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.

  6. Stefan Poag says:

    What a video! Unfortunately, I wouldn't make it past the attack dog.

  7. Stefan Poag says:

    I'm less convinced that 'hands free' is much safer… I think the bad drivers get distracted by their cell phones and their reaction times decrease… imagine how decreased their reaction times will be when they are looking at a tiny screen hanging in front of their eyeball.
    A while back I was in the airport and trying to walk from one end of the concourse to another… and I kept having to dodge around people who were just drifting around like they were stoned or brainless while looking at their cell phones, getting in my way. I wanted to tell them, “WALK OR TEXT! WALK OR TEXT! If you want to text, stop moving and let me pass!”

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