Utzum The Mad vs. Our Heroes

catacomb cover v1 72dpi

Here is a color image for Adventuras en la Marca Del Este. It shows the heroes featured in the B&W work (a dwarf, female cleric, human fighter and wizard) confronting the villain, Utzum the Mad, his two mushroom men allies and a golem. The golem is supposed to be a ‘wax golem’ but it gives me a chuckle to think of it as a ‘butter golem’ since it is yellow. Perhaps Utzum is a foodie wizard who will sautee those mushroom men in melted butter golem.

Pedro Gil tells me that these new adventures will be eventually also released in the US.  Aventuras en la Marca del Este (www.lamarcadeleste.com ) is a Spanish retro-clone RPG (also published in Italy and USA, http://xdpublishing.com/). They also work on Walküre (www.walkure.es , http://www.verkami.com/projects/7119-walkure-el-juego-de-rol) and other projects.

4 Comments on “Utzum The Mad vs. Our Heroes”

  1. Annie Gilson says:

    Love the dramatic action! And such amazing details!

  2. mikemonaco says:

    Nice work. The mask on the wizard is great touch.

    • Stefan says:

      Thank you. The mask was a part of the publisher’s art direction. Originally I was going to give it some sort of a more ‘skin-tone’ look, but when I started work on the painting, I decided it looked better white (as in white white, not as in caucasian).

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