Human Sacrifice!

human_sacrifice 72dpi

I have been listening to Jon Ronson’s THEM as an audio book and just heard his account of sneaking into ‘Bohemian Grove’ to witness either a bunch of rich assholes getting drunk or a symbolic human sacrifice, depending on whom you ask… which helped me finish up this drawing of ritual sacrifice and mayhem for Venger Satanis’ Kickstarter book project. There are still 5 days left to get in on it as a sponsor.  The final product will include 11 B&W drawings by me in various sizes (including this one).

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  1. mikemonaco says:

    THEM! was a really good read.
    Neat picture. Love the plague doctor/carnavale masks. Creepy as heck. Can’t say i’m a fan of VS but he can pick illustrators!

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