DCC RPG 4th Printing Kickstarter is LIVE!

Get all the details here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1409961192/dcc-rpg-4th-printing

I guess Goodman Games is almost sold out of DCC Rule books, because Joe has announced that they are going to print it AGAIN! This reprint includes everything from the original, plus a few edits for typos, a new sample adventure and some other details and stretch goals, including variant covers, a super-deluxe silver foil leather cover, etc. Get the details on the link above.

I’m currently slaving away on drawings for the 4th edition… we are shoehorning MORE art into this already profusely illustrated tome!

Peter Mullen did one of the new variant covers which I am really enjoying:

Mullen DCC 4th printing

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