I have more original artwork posted in the online store: Click here to visit. Most of the items that did not sell last month have been reduced by ~ %30. Prices do not include shipping. First come first served!

Beholder attack 19x24 72 dpi


  1. mikemonaco says:

    Wish it was in the budget! Great stuff.

    • Stefan says:

      Thank you, mikemonaco. One day I hope to add outsourced prints/stickers/etc. that will keep individual costs down but shove the fulfillment duties to someone else. Zazzle’s and similar offerings are kind of anemic — would like something that delivers a better end product without having to stuff 10,000 t-shirts or similar items into mailers myself, simply because every hour spent addressing envelopes is another hour I can’t spend painting/drawing.
      I like t-shirts (and they are are useful, since you can wear them) but my experience is that unless I contract with a quality print shop, the quality tends to suck.

  2. Stefan says:

    FYI the beholder painting has a new home! Had I known it was gonna be so popular, I would have painted three or four!

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