New Portfolio + UCon

I have a new portfolio page to show some of the illustrations I have made over the years. It’s under “Illustration” at the top of this page. Most of the drawings/paintings will be familiar to people who know my work; there are a few new ones and I tried to mix in a few different types of things including some of the young adult illustrations for a few books that Annie is writing.

I’ll be at U-Con in Ypsilanti most of this weekend, meeting people and dropping off some of my work with Roy Snyder so he can sell it at the con. I will also be hosting a brief round table for artists and publishers on Sunday at U-Con, so if you happen to be there, find me at Roy’s booth or at the round table (Event 5105 : Art and Publishing for RPGs Seminar, Sunday 1-2 pm, Conference Room C – no admission charge).

Below is one of the illustrations for one of Annie’s books that I like a lot. The young woman, Sima, stands on the deck of her parent’s sky ship, musing about the future while feeding the birds.

aac sima on deck 72

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