Sons of Anarchy

final webFirst a big thank you to everyone who has been purchasing paintings and drawings from my web page. It’s really great to see things going out somewhere where someone else will get some pleasure out of them and having the cash flow is gratifying as well.

This is the jacket I have been working on which has taken much too long; you can see in progress reports here. I thank Asia for his patience. Denim isn’t the best thing to paint on… it seems to absorb the paint unevenly, so one has to do a coat, wait to dry, so another coat, etc. I think if I pursue this in the future I’ll look into either having it silkscreened onto canvas that can be sewn on the jacket (that is what Hal Rotter of Rotting Graphics seems to do) or contract one of these embroidery companies to make a patch. Painting it looks good (eventually, after all the coats are done), but I find myself constantly worrying, “What if I fuck it up? Then the jacket is ruined and I’m a heel…”

One last look, then I can drop it in the mail and Asia can start terrorizing all the ‘squares’ in his town by going all ‘Sons of Anarchy’ on their asses!


I have more original artwork posted in the online store: Click here to visit. Most of the items that did not sell last month have been reduced by ~ %30. Prices do not include shipping. First come first served!

Beholder attack 19x24 72 dpi

The Terrible Event

I’ve been working on an illustration for Annie’s Y.A. book about the life and times of some small creatures. Here is a bit of tragic family history from the mouse’s past… what took place beyond the wire fence and over the hill. Work in Progress. Need to set it aside for a few days.

the terrible event 72


soul 72dpiSometimes I like to sit and just draw – not really thinking about what I’m drawing or why. Just let the pen and the paper decide what I am drawing that day.

Schnakenberg on ‘MonsterBrains’

One of my favorite places to visit on the web is a blog called Monsterbrains. The artist Aeron Alfrey posts all sorts of great pictures of monsters and creatures from various sources high and low and everywhere in between – comic books, medieval illustrations, fine art hanging in museums, movie posters, etc. This morning I found a collection of etchings from Walter Schnackenberg on there. I don’t think I’ve seen Schnackenberg’s work before but love it. That’s the great thing about Alfrey’s blog; I keep finding stuff that I never knew about. Do yourself a favor and take a look.



Armored fiend is on the warpath… clank clank clank.

armored fiend 72I’m experimenting with different inks/paints in preparation for a big project. This was a BW ink drawing from a few years ago that I colored on. Apparently not all the ink in the original was waterproof, which gave an interesting effect but is not something I think I want to repeat

Lonely Mutant needs friends

mutant 72