Kali (W.I.P.)

kali v1

Still learning to use Manga Studio and my Wacom tablet. I LOVE the “G-Pen” tool in Manga studio, but, I.M.O., the tone tools (like chalk, crayon, etc.) are less good.

The pose/anatomy for this was from a late 19th/early 20th century French erotic postcard. I initially thought that the legs looked unusually short but now suspect the legs are right – most drawings of naked women have freakishly long legs, but her left knee is coming towards the viewer and then folding back again so her two feet are nearly parallel… I need to work on that to make it clear — not quite there yet. I made the hands a bit larger than they were in the postcard since Kali needs strong hands to carry all those severed heads around and I wanted them to look a bit more savage.

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