Prince-Bishop Franz Von Waldeck of Muenster

Franz_von_Waldeck 72dpi

Still work in progress but I like where it is headed.

A while back I began reading up on the Muenster Rebellion and one of the principles in that story is Franz Von Waldeck of Muenster whom some credit with originally coining the phrase, “Kill them all; God will sort them out.”

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  1. annettegilson says:

    Oooooooh!!!! Dude is a prince bishop….. overkill.

    • Stefan says:

      Yeah, as far as I know from my limited reading, guys like Von Waldeck are pretty much exhibit A for “why separation of church and state is a good idea.”

  2. mikemonaco says:

    Oh, man. Do yourself a favor and listen to the “Hardcore history” podcast about the Munster rebellion while you work on this:

    • Stefan says:

      Have already! Very interesting. Unfortunately, someone informs me I am wrong about the quote — actually supposedly uttered by someone named Arnaud Almaric in the 13th century when they were slaughtering Cathar heretics at Beziers.Could have sworn I read it was from Muenster in a book by Greil Marcus, but maybe I misremember.

  3. David Peters says:

    I would like to get permission to use this image in a film I’m creating that deals with the Munster rebellion. Would that be possible?

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