Cage Fight (2)

HM sketch 3 point 5 72

After futzing around with this for much too long, I finally said “Hell with it” and declared it done. This is for a contest sponsored by Heavy Metal and a T-Shirt company:

If you want to enter, you have until May 4th, but reading over the contest rules and fine print, I’m not sure its a good deal for artists… from the contest rules: “For all Designs submitted for use by, you acknowledge that the Design is considered a work-for-hire as defined under the United States Copyright Act of 1976 and will become the sole property of Metal Media Ventures, LLC and its subsidiaries and affiliates…” I wouldn’t bitch about this if this applied just to the designs that actually won, but if I am reading this right, it means that all designs submitted are owned by… which seems like a really bad deal since it means they can take your design, say, “Sorry, you didn’t win,” and then make money selling it to other people, license it however they want, etc.

I feel like a stupid jerk for having entered anyway… but I really wanted to win the complete set of Lords of Light prints by Jack Kirby that are a part of the grand prize. However, my entry won’t win because a) you can only see a part of one tit, b) the tit appears to be of merely average human size, and, c) the woman is wearing a shirt.


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