Prisoners (more shaver stuff)

p16 72dpi

This is page 16 with naked people being led off to a sorrowful existence underground. Hoping to be able to send this off to potential publishers in a week or three as a rough draft… then on to another project which has waited too long.

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  1. James Maurice says:

    A comment and a question: I read about Shaver in an almanac of the unexplained of some sort years ago, and this art is really evocative and creepy (A good thing!). Also, what is this next project you are working on?

    • Stefan says:

      Thanks and I have been sworn to secrecy… hopefully more details soonish.

      • James Maurice says:

        Sorry! Hope I didn’t pry. I was actually curious about Exquisite Corpses, and wasn’t sure if that was the project in question.

  2. Stefan says:

    No problem… hope to have more updates soon.

  3. James Maurice says:

    On Exquisite Corpses? I missed it when it was on Lulu a few years back…

  4. J. Christman says:

    I was also curious about Exquisite Corpses but didn’t want to seem a pest. I do look forward to both that and the Shaver comic. I like how the mass of art and text flows together on these pages.

  5. Handy Haversack says:

    Stefan, any updates on the Shaver work? The publication of Veins of the Earth and working on Operation Unfathomable made me think of it.

    • Stefan says:

      I finished a 40 page version and had it printed by Lulu to send out to prospective publishers. No one was interested so I took a good, long look at it and realized it needs a serious rewrite before anyone would touch it. Unfortunately I don’t have any time to work on it right now… hopefully in the future.

  6. Stefan says:

    Handy: Please email me at thanks

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