I need to go out of town (again!), but when I get back, I am going to restock my online store with all kinds of original artwork. The pickings are kind of slim there right now, but I have about 40 original artworks, mostly B&W interior stuff from DCC, Metamorphosis Alpha and other published lines for collectors or anyone who wants a piece of original art. Wherever possible I try to tell you where and when it was published.

Normally I place an item in the store, and, if it does not find a buyer in a few weeks, I may mark it down… so if you are patient and a bit of a gambler you may skim some bargains.

I have a huge pile of artwork that I plan to eventually put into the store — not only to help out the cash flow, but also to clear more space… my file boxes are filling up!

The above D.A.T. inspired lizard man (from Metamorphosis Alpha I think) will go on sale in about a week after I get back from Philly.

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