Work in Progress (Trampier tribute)


Here are some shots of a work in progress — a color border commission that I decided to make into a tribute to one of my favorite RPG illustrators, Dave Trampier (now, sadly, no longer among the living, but he did fantastic illustration work and comics for TSR back in the 1970s and 1980s before he (AFAIK) gave up his art career mysteriously vanished). See Trampier’s original here.

I’m trying to ‘work the image up’ by starting with a series of translucent colors (using PH Martin inks for this part, will probably add some acrylic glazes over the top).

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  1. This is very beautiful work, Stefan.

  2. […] scratch-off sheets to have fun with when it funds. There is also a Dave Trampier tribute version and you can see the original painting in process here. Thanks to Jim Wampler for the […]

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