Dagon (2016)


Sometime last year I adapted Lovecraft’s “Dagon” into a 20 page comic book… above is page 19. I wrote/drew “Dagon” hoping to place it in a specific publication, but that publication did not nibble… so now it is still available — any horror comics publishers interested, let me know… It is available in both color and BW. I think it works better in BW.

Despite Lovecraft’s flaws (as a writer and a human), I still enjoy his yarns. “Dagon” did not require a lot of rewriting to make it work as a comic — but I had to rewrite some of the historical details at the beginning to indulge my own sense of belief. I also re-wrote parts of the end to make the story more visual. The middle (and the meat of the tale), however, is very faithful to the original text.

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