Autobiographical Comics

I’m currently working on roughing out a comic sort of like “The Cube” which I did back in September. (link) I don’t really know how to “write” comics… getting the text nice and legible is sort of a challenge for me and I worry that I get too hung up in tangents or lost in details. Plus, it is autobiographical, which is hard since I worry that I am always trying to make myself look good rather than be honest about the story I am trying to tell. Working title is ‘Pariah’ and it tells the story of how I feel like I became a pariah at one point.

Don’t have any samples to show (too early), so go look at ‘Cube’ if you want a preview I guess.


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  1. Angry Monk says:

    I love it. Keep going. I find these types of stories interesting and I really dig your drawing.

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