Science Fiction

MCC Title Pages 72dpi

This is a post-apocalypse sci-fi illustration with mutants, ruins, laser swords, a disintigrator pistol. a curly tree, mushrooms and all the other good things in life. The white spaces are places for text to go. It goes across 2 pages, so imagine a seam through the middle. For Goodman Game’s “Mutant Crawl Classics.”

Kilra and friends


This is a section of a work in progress for Goodman Games’ “Mutant Crawl Classics” line — the character in the middle is my take on ‘Kilra,’ a persistent character who will probably be featured in many other MCC products (see her on the original Kovacs cover for the MCC rulebook on the page linked above). The purple bug-guy is sort of like a guy Doug Kovacs put on his color cover and the red guy with the deedle bob on his head is my own invention. I call them the ‘mutant trio.’ Hopefully they will be showing up in other things (with occasional costume changes and additions to their equipment).

Twilight of the Solstice 2016 (Goodman)


Every year, Goodman Games puts out something special for the holiday – this year it is a DCC adventure called “Twilight of the Solstice” by Marc Bruner. Included in the adventure is a ‘scratch off character sheet’ (much like the scratch-offs you might buy at the corner store — but in this case, you scratch off to reveal information while playing the game). I illustrated the border for the scratch off (above).

I also did some BW interiors for the book:




Evil priest


We just got back late yesterday and I’m still feeling like I am running on 3 cylinders, so here is a picture I did a while back for Goodman’s DCC Rulebook 4th printing (which, AFAIK, is either being printed or has been printed and is on its way — see the Kickstarter page for more details). This drawing portrays some sort of evil chaos priest with his gooey minions hanging around & in general up to no good.

Sinister Sutures


This one is from Goodman’s “Sinister Sutures of Semptress” by Michael Curtis, out now in time for Halloween!

Goddawful Music

barako opus abberant 72 dpi

Another one for Goodman Games.

Star Cruiser

ythonian liche captain ship 72