The Night Ocean

Recently finished reading “The Night Ocean” by Paul La Farge — a book that inspired me to re-read short story of the same name by Robert Barlow (with some help by H.P. Lovecraft). Lafarge’s book is great, although most Lovecraft fans will probably hate it.

dagon p15 72dpi

The page above is from a comic book adaptation I did of Lovecraft’s ‘Dagon’ a while back. I’d love to do an adaptation of Barlow’s ‘Night Ocean’ story, but don’t think there is much to draw since most of the story just has the narrator walking up and down a lonely beach thinking.

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  1. John S. says:

    “…The figure may have been that of a dog, a human being, or something more strange. It could not have known that I watched—perhaps it did not care—but like a distorted fish it swam across the mirrored stars and dived beneath the surface. After a moment it came up again, and this time, since it was closer, I saw that it was carrying something across its shoulder. I knew, then, that it could be no animal, and that it was a man or something like a man, which came toward the land from a dark ocean. But it swam with a horrible ease…” Not much to draw?? Go for it!

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